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Why construction workers suffer back injuries

As a New Jersey construction worker, you know that you must constantly lift, carry and hold heavy construction materials. What you may not realize is that all this heavy lifting puts an enormous strain on your back, even when you use the best work practices to minimize your strain and effort.

New Jersey health care workers and risk of injury

The health care industry attends to the needs and injuries of patients, but oftentimes, the workers themselves suffer on-the-job injuries. Health care workers in New Jersey are at risk for a wide range of injuries related to the tasks they perform at their jobs on a daily basis.

Respiratory dangers firefighters face

When most people think of the dangers firefighters contend with, their thoughts naturally turn to the flames. It is certainly a danger, and many firefighters each year suffer from serious burns. However, firefighters receive training that focuses primarily on avoiding injuries from fires. One area that does not receive as much attention is the smoke

Injury risks to construction workers in New Jersey

Construction workers in New Jersey are at daily risk for a wide range of injuries at their job sites. There are several ways to minimize these risks and improve safety; however, the risk of injury is never completely absent from this dangerous field.

4 safety violations in construction that can kill you

You have worked in the construction industry for a while, so you already know that you are in a dangerous profession. You may follow all safety procedures and use the proper equipment, but you cannot always predict an accident or prevent others from doing something that could hurt someone. You might have also witnessed your employer cutting corners and putting workers at risk.

3 common injuries teachers sustain

While schools need to be safe places for students and teachers alike, the reality remains in stark contrast. After all, school shootings are still an unfortunate reality as the recent event in Kentucky where two students lost their lives from a shooter proved. 

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